Prior Authorization
Let our team of healthcare experts handle your PA requests with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Eliminate this time consuming step in your practice's operation so that your staff can focus on patient care by:

  • Receiving insurance authorization services
  • Receiving error-free patient data submission
  • Facilitating electronic prior approval requests
  • Monitoring requests in a secure web portal

Why Outsource Prior Authorization?

Small- and medium- sized practices often spend time and money on managing medical precertification requests. Here’s what we can do for you.

Free up your staff

As our team handles pre-authorization requests, your staff can spend its time on patient satisfaction instead of going back-and-forth with insurance companies.

Reduce paperwork

We handle the paperwork so that your practice can reduce clutter, and PA requests are approved faster—besides, medical practices already have a lot to deal with.

Increase prior authorization approvals

As a medical prior authorization company, we regularly deal with authorization issues and have a structured solution to maximize their approval rates.

Ensure compliance

Healthcare is constantly changing, especially insurance companies. Our precertification team is always up-to-date and handles these transformations smoothly.

Easily monitor requests

All conversations are handled via our secure web portal. Best of all? You can monitor the status of precertification requests in this portal to ensure nothing is left out.

Receive continuous analytics and reporting

We provide monthly reports on prior authorization approval rates so that you’re always in the know.

Why MDboss?

We're only successful if your practice is—which is why we’re committed to providing innovative, extensive, and cost-effective services.

No contracts

With MDboss, you're not tied by contracts or commitments—all you have to do is enjoy our stellar track record of providing medical billing services.

Extended customer support

We work around the clock to make sure your operations are smooth. Our team is committed to providing the coverage your practice needs.

No hidden fees

There are no extra fees for activation or cancellation. By receiving upfront rates, you'll always see consistent cost reductions and increased cash flow through our services.

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